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Beauty Products & Your Skin

Posted by Marleen Keenan on

In this blog I've quoted excerpts from the book Living Organic in the article called Skin Deep & In a Lather.

"Stress, pollution, and aging are tough enough on our skin without using harsh skin care products.  Good skin care improves and balances skin so that less of the product is needed.  Look for cleansers that retain the skin's natural pH and moisture levels and don't use harsh ingredients like alcohol.  They also suggest a good exfoliator, like oatmeal, gently removes dead skin and moisturizers based on plant oils and healthy botanical ingredients nourish skin without petroleum based oils and synthetic fragrances."

"Olive & sunflower oils are natural and rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids which are beneficial for the skin and as they're absorbed, for the inner person as well.  Try scentiing these oils with a tiny amount of an essential oil."

"For luxurious, cleansing face packs, mix clays such as Kaolin with a little water to help draw out impurities."

This is the idea behind making all natural soap with plant based oils and scented with pure essential oils.  No synthetic detergents, artificial colours or perfumes.  It really comes down to personal choice.  For me, I love an all natural soap, it leaves my skin soft and clean and if the soap is made with an essential oil, then a lovely, light scent while you wash with no perfume left behind.  

I love the fact that there as so many soap makers now and it is quite a community! They like to share ideas, tips, suggestion and techniques.  It is a blooming industry with a true passion for making soap better for us and better for the planet.

Once you try a bar, you'll be hooked!




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