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Beard Wash - Key Lime

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New from The Willow's Bark - Their beard wash is an oil-based, PH-balanced cleanser that makes your beard noticeably softer and healthier looking after every wash.

This gentle, non- irritating, non-drying cleanser-conditioner will remove product and dirt from your beard while conditioning the hair right down to the follicles, softening and nourishing the bristly hair on your face with long term results.

KEY LIME BEARD WASH is specially formulated to act as a face wash as well, leaving skin clean, soft, and pores unclogged, while also moisturizing the skin so that you don’t have to apply lotion.

•coconut oil •aloe vera juice •vegetable glycerin •sunflower oil •castor oil raw local honey guar gum grapefruit seed extract potassium citrate citric acid •key lime essential oil